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Social Events

Social Groups You are not alone, many women and some men have had a diagnosis of Breast Cancer. Two social groups, the Flamingo Belles and Belladonnas, organised by the Cancer Council of the NT are supported by the NTBCV.  These two groups provide breast cancer survivors the opportunity to get together socially for friendship, laughter,... View Article


BRAS NT is a alliance working for Territory women diagnosed with Breast Cancer. BRAS NT produces a quarterly email newsletter which includes the latest news and notices of events from members of the Alliance including: • Cancer Council NT • Northern Territory Breast Cancer Voice Of course fun stuff is included, such as information about the... View Article

10,000 Steps

NT BREAST CANCER VOICE is proud to sponsor an annual 10,000 steps challenge for Breast Cancer Survivors The aim of this challenge is to promote better health outcomes for those going through a Breast Cancer experience or for survivors who want to improve their fitness. It commences in May in conjunction with the “Mothers Day... View Article


Why exercise? Exercise during breast cancer treatment, regardless of whether the treatment is chemotherapy, radiation therapy or adjuvant therapy, reduces fatigue and bone loss. Continuing to exercise after you’ve completed your therapy helps prevent breast cancer reoccurrence and reduces your risk of death from breast cancer. Breast cancer reoccurrence An extensive review of the epidemiologic... View Article